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Pork Medallions and Peppers
Speck and Artichoke Risotto
Roast Sausages and Fennel
Real Bavarian Roast Pork
Chilli Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Sweet and Spicy Devilled Sausages
Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls
Pumpkin Orange and Ginger Soup
Feta and Pesto Stuffed Chicken
Tomato Burrata Caprese Salad
Spanish Style Chicken Stew is a wonderfully warming Spanish or North African inspired dish, loaded with chicken, spicy sausage, nutty chickpeas and sweet peppers.
Melt in your mouth pork, topped with a vibrant green sauce, Salsa Verde Pork Tenderloin is so incredibly tasty it is worth making two as the first is guaranteed to disappear in a flash!
If you’ve ever travelled to Hungary you are sure to have eaten plenty of this famous dish. Similar to goulash, Hungarian Pork Stew or Pörkölt is thick and hearty with a rich tomatoey sauce, perfect as a winter warmer.
Possibly the most popular pub food in Australia, Chicken Parmigiana or Chicken Parmesan (known locally as chicken parmy) is an evergreen crowd-pleaser. Crumbed chicken breasts, smothered in a rich tomato sauce and plenty of melted cheese - what’s not to like?
No Knead Multigrain Bread has to be the world’s easiest loaf. No kneading, no rising time, just mix the ingredients and bake in the oven until done. Full of healthy seeds and grains, this bread is delicious toasted and keeps well for several days.
Soft Burger Buns are so easy to make at home and are miles better than store-bought. Try this fool-proof recipe a try and give your burgers the buns they deserve!
Rich, hearty and seriously tasty, Black Bean Veggie Burgers are so flavoursome and so good. Packed full of goodness with beans, oats, walnuts and sunflower seeds, these burgers are a real crowd-pleaser.
Wildly popular across Europe, the Hugo Spritz cocktail is a refreshing mixture of lime, mint, elderflower and sparkling wine. Served over ice in a large wine glass, this is the perfect drink on a sunny day.
One Pan Chicken Biryani
Easy Chicken Lo Mein Noodles 1