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Sticky Toffee Pudding

It must be nearly winter because I am craving Sticky Toffee Puddings. The magical transformation of dried dates into a luxurious pudding is what I call kitchen alchemy. Make one big pudding to share or bake in individual ramekins.

When I was a kid, there was one food I hated above any other. Dates. I couldn’t stand them, and my mother (who makes excellent sweets) always used to put them in her scones, thereby ruining them as far as…

Torta Caprese al Limone

Torta Caprese is a classic chocolate cake from the Italian island of Capri. This version is a mouthwatering combination of almonds, lemon and white chocolate with a soft and fudgy interior. This gluten-free treat is ideal for enjoying after dinner with a glass of limoncello.

Two of my favourite ingredients have to be lemons and white chocolate, which is why today’s recipe Torta Caprese al Limone or Capri Lemon Cake is one of my favourite sweet treats. The incredible smell of this cake baking in…

Bread and Butter Pudding

What could be more comforting than an old fashioned Bread and Butter Pudding? The magical transformation of stale white bread into a sweet and custardy pudding is always a delight.

Rain, rain and more rain. The house is surrounded by fog and drizzle, the fire is roaring happily away and I’m wrapped up warm with a big pot of tea. ’Tis the season for comfort food in my house, long-simmered…

White Wine Poached Pears

Tender and sweet, White Wine Poached Pears filled with creamy mascarpone are a light and fragrant dinner party classic dessert.

Ralph Waldo Emerson may have famously said that ‘There are only 10 minutes in the life of a pear when it is perfect to eat’, however, he can’t possibly have been talking about White Wine Poached Pears, one of the…

Black Forest Cherry Cake

Black Forest Cherry Cake

I love reading through old cookbooks. Whenever I’m in a second-hand bookstore I make a beeline for the cookbook section and can spend many happy hours leafing through the foods of yesteryear. It is always amazing to see which recipes…

French Vanilla Custard Tart

French Vanilla Custard Tart
French Vanilla Custard Tart is often known as Flan Parissiene or Flan Patissier and if you’ve ever been to France you will have seen these glorious tarts temptingly displayed in the window of every patisserie and bakery in town.